Storage Tanks – From Concept To Installation

Screen-Shot-2016-07-26-at-13.52.07-e1469537598594-440x313LWE is a manufacturing engineering company, specialising in the fabrication of sheet metal storage tanks with a capacity of up to 220,000 litres. Production facilities include laser cutting, welding jigs for round tanks, materials handling, pipework and detail parts.

The workshops include a shot blasting and spray painting bay, enabling LWE to offer a total capability from design though to finished product.

Storage tanks are used for various liquid and wet-stock management requirements. The company’s experience covers most applications from water treatment, leachate and waste oil disposal. Traditionally a large proportion of LWE tanks are supplied for commercial logistics and depot fuelling facilities. LWE also owns patented technology for the construction of above ground petrol storage tanks for use in retail forecourts. Other applications include fuel storage for auxiliary power units and integral belly tanks for emergency power generation plant.

It is this experience which differentiates LWE within this market sector. There are no standard products. All LWE products are tailored to meet the customers’ requirement.

In addition to tank manufacture, LWE provides a total engineering capability, from concept to installation. This includes project management, bringing together the specialised disciplines required to deliver a suitable, safe storage solution.

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