Bespoke Multi Compartment Tank

crane offload


  • The Ledbury Supreme, 91,000 Litre, Multi compartment self contained tank and fuel dispensing system
  • Split – 75,000 Litres Derv/10,000 Litres Gas Oil/6,000 Litres AdBlue
  • Inset Fill/Dispensing Cabinets to suit site specific layout
  • Dispensing Pumps & Hose Reels
  • Gauges and Fuel Management System


Manufacture and install a multi compartment tank to house Derv, Gasoil & AdBlue, whilst only using the existing yard/manovering space used for a smaller refuelling installation

This project involved significant thought, we were as much as possible trying to defy the laws of physics and fit a large box in a small hole. The key features we were able to piece together such as inset dispensing cabinets, hose reels for dual side fuelling and a custom made stainless steel inner AdBlue tank, allowed us to reduce the footprint of the tank to suit the client requirements.

See link below for the clients own review.

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