Vessel Refuelling & Tanker Fuel Offloading

Tank farm


  • A bank of 7 x 200,000 Litre Ledbury Premium Tanks, balanced as 1 tank – 1.4 million litres of Marine Gas Oil storage
  • Sea going tanker offloading capability, allowing the offload of 1 million litres at a time, whilst keeping the tanks balanced and non pressurised
  • Road going tanker offloading
  • Specialist coating due to the coastal environment
  • 1000 Lpm, Weights & Measures dispensing system
  • Separate free standing fill and dispensing cabinets, also marine coated along with interconnecting pipe work


Manufacture and install a refuelling solution suitable for the retailing of product into small vessels, whilst accommodating potential sea going tanker and road tanker offloading.

The main goal of the project was to achieve the capability to offload 1,000,000 litres of product from a sea tanker, whilst maintaining a modular type solution that could be broken down into individual units and relocated if required in the future. This involved bespoke control systems to allow automated shut off during the filling process of the individual tanks, and the tank bank as a whole.

The dispensing side was designed to allow weights and measures approved dispensing into small vessels mainly used to deliver supplies and materials out to the oil rigs. The requirement was to fill and meter at up to 1,000 litres per minute, providing a printed receipt on completion.

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