Multi-Hazard testing

The below tests were carried out on a single tank, in controlled conditions at the South West Research Institute (SWRI) California.

Full certification available on request.

Hazard test 1

Multi hazard test - Above Ground Tanks

4-HOUR , 2000-DEGREE FIRE TEST Internal temperature rise was only 165 degrees

Hazard test 2

extinguished fire with water

Immediately after the fi re test the hot tank is exposed to a hose stream test

Hazard test 3

Multi hazard test - 150 grain M-2 ammunition

5 Rounds of 150 grain M-2 ball ammunition (2700 feet/sec)

Hazard test 4

Multi hazard test - tank hit by a 12,000lb battering ram

The same tank is hit with a 12,000lb. battering ram traveling at 10 miles per hour

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