AdBlue® Tanks

AdBlue Tank

Manufacturers of Totally Enclosed Above Ground Steel Bunded Tanks for the storage of AdBlue®

Ledbury Welding & Engineering’s AdBlue® tanks are manufactured from a high quality steel bund (to BSEN/10025:1993 grade S275) with an inner tank of either stainless steel (grade 304) or moulded HDPE. The bund, in order to comply with regulations is capable of holding a minimum of 110% of the inner tank capacity. Dependant on design the roof can be made removable to facilitate access to the bund for maintenance purposes.

Capacities start from 2,500 litres, tanks can be supplied with a submersible pump(s) a dispenser(s) and other equipment to suit individual site requirements. AdBlue® storage tanks can also be supplied as part of a Diesel/Gas Oil/Lube Oil multi compartment configuration, all contained within one bund, minimising the overall ‘footprint’ area.

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