Storage in Marine Environments

Marine Fuel Storage Tank

Marine environments can provide a tough location for fuel storage tanks. LWE has proven expertise in bunded fuel storage for marine environments, offering safe above ground storage for petrol and diesel, often providing fuelling at the water’s edge or on pontoons, regardless of tide levels.

The bunded fuel tank design, installed above ground, suits these kinds of environments and provides a safe and cost effective way of storing fuel. True secondary containment ensures safe operation under all circumstances and satisfies regulatory and environmental requirements. In addition, Class 1 leak detection is available for highly flammable applications such as petrol storage.

The tanks themselves are constructed of high quality mild steel and, with regular maintenance, can be operational for over 30 years.

All sizes of marina and marine businesses are serviced, and LWE bunded fuel storage tanks are available in a range of capacities from the very large, to the small. Applications include military and security installations, fuelling fast response police boats etc.

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