SuperVault MH Above Ground petrol & Hazardous liquid Storage Tank

Petrol Hazard Tank
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The SuperVault MH above ground storage solution gives new options for all considering storage of hazardous products. Historically petrol and petrol like product storage would be considered ‘always’ below ground. The SuperVault MH above ground storage solution offers a tried and tested alternative.

Although still relatively new in Western Europe, the technology has been proven over many years in the USA, with countless installations in place.

Ledbury Welding & Engineering as licensed manufacturers, now have well over 125 SuperVault above ground installations throughout the UK storing over some 3 million litres.

Above ground storage negates environmental concerns of ground contamination and is not restricted to petrol. Methanol or any highly inflammable product can be accommodated. The SuperVault’s unique performance specification of a 4-hour fire rating and multi hazard accreditation stands it in the forefront of tank safety technology.

The SuperVault achieves true secondary containment with two concentric skins of steel separated by 150mm of insulating concrete (no further bunding is required) forming an interstitial space which is then continually monitored. Capacities are available from 1,000 to 110,000 litres in single or multi-compartment formats, in most cases the tank can be operational within hours of arriving on site.

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