Fuel storage tanks

LEDBURY STANDARD & PREMIUM Above Ground storage tanks

LWE Tanks

Above Ground Premium & Standard bunded Fuel Storage tanks

Ledbury's Premium and Standard bunded storage tanks offer the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for storing large quantities of fuel or oil. With a capacity of up to 200,000 litres, these tanks provide plenty of storage space. The Premium model is designed to work with gravity feed systems, providing more flexibility for operators who require it. Both models come in single or multi-compartment units, making it possible to offer multi-product dispensing from a single location. Ledbury produces tanks that are reliable and built to last, and all ancillary equipment fitted to the tank range is carefully sourced and chosen for its quality and durability.



Standard Tanks

1500-200,000 Litres
Made to size
New and blue steel
Highest quality materials
Highest quality std paint finish
Built in accordance with BS799
Sloping roof to facilitate rain water run-off
HVO Compatible
Certified lifting lugs/eyes

Tank Options & Equipment

- Fuel pump/dispenser high speed
- Hose reels
- Fuel Management systems
- Tank Gauging equipment
- Transfer pump systems
- Fuel Polishers
- Outlet Filters (5micron upwards)
- Overfill prevention valves
- Roller shutter equipment/pump cabinets
- Bottom outlet with internal bund isolation valve
- Internal adblue tank
- Multicompartment
- High quality 2, 3 coat, shot-blasted paint finishes upto C5M High