Ledbury UNMANED MODULAR Filling Station

Sainsburys PFS

Modular Filling Stations for Retail Forecourts

The Modular Filling Station is a highly efficient service module that boasts full integration and is built around an integral storage tank the SupervaultMH. It is expertly designed to cater to the needs of complementary retail fuelling  sites in locations where space and environmental conditions are limited. A typical installation includes a dual compartment tank that holds an impressive 30,000 litres of petrol and diesel each compartment, in addition to four self-service customer fuel dispenser points, CCTV surveillance, data streaming, and standard tanker driver operated delivery facilities.

Modular Filling station

The LMFS is a modular filling station that utilizes the unmatched storage and multi-product storage capability of the SuperVault. It offers customized designs to meet individual client needs and has been successful due to its tried and tested constituent parts. The LMFS is suitable for permanent, semi-permanent, manned or unmanned installations, making it a preferred solution for forecourt retailers, especially in environmentally sensitive areas where underground tanks are not feasible.

  • True Secondary Containment – Class 1 Leak Detection
  • Up to 110,000 litres capacity – Single/Multi Compartment
  • 4,6 & remote pump position options
  • 4 hour fire Resistant – UL2085 Multi-Hazard Rated
  • Bespoke & tailored to site requirements

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Modular 1
Modular 2
Modular 3
Shire Park 1
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Tetbury Flexi 80k 6 Pump
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Fulbourn 1
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6 pump 120k
6 pump 120,000 litres pfs