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The SuperVault MH is the first Multi-Hazard Rated, Insulated, and Protected Above Ground Petrol Storage Tank available in the world and it is the first tank to pass the stringent safety requirements of Uniform Fire Code Standard A-Il-F-1 (formerly known as 79-7) and Southwest Research Institute Standard 95-03 and 93-01. The multi-hazard rating allows the Supervault MH to be re-certified for use after exposure to a
fire, puncture, or impact.

Yelland  #3

When it comes to above-ground storage of liquid products, LWE has the capability to deliver at any level, ranging from 1,000 to 200,000 liters. We offer a broad range of products, including diesel, petrol, glycol, Kilfrost, and AdBlue® to name just a few.


The Ledbury Supreme above-ground bunded multi-product storage tank is recognized as the elite storage tank. Unlike fixed roof designs, the bund and convex roof are manufactured as separate components. The inner tank is securely placed within the bund, and the roof is then bolted into position. The roof naturally sheds rainwater and can be easily removed, allowing for full maintenance access.


Based on the supreme design tank.

This is a specific design for sites with environmental concerns.

Based on the water site specifications.

sbft installed

This system supports up to 74-tonne acoustic housings on top of the tank and provides 48-hour product cycles for generator run times. Its design reduces the required site space and ensures optimal fuel polishing with an open internal base structure.


Fuelling solutions provided by Ledbury Welding & Engineering can be found at supermarkets, datacentres, transport hubs and service depots throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Customers include, large supermarkets, genset providers, haulage firms, coach operators, local authorities and emergency services. Depot fuel storage provides additional operational resilience, by providing a precaution against any disruption to normal supplies.

Above ground bunded tanks allow maximum flexibility as operational requirements change. Designed for a service life in excess of 20 years, LWE tanks will hold their value as an asset. Tanks can be reassigned, either to add capacity to existing fuelling facilities or re-located to new depots.

Bulk fuel tank facility