Above Ground Petrol & Hazardous Liquid Storage Tanks


SuperVault MH

The SuperVault® is class-leading for above-ground petrol and hazardous liquid storage and is recognised in the UK as being the safest solution for above-ground storage.

The SuperVault® does not require any extra bunding. It is designed to offer the highest level of protection, with an outer steel tank that provides secondary containment and shields the inner tank from fire and natural elements. Additionally, the secondary containment tank meets international standards. Many units supplied by Ledbury Welding have already demonstrated their value in a wide range of challenging applications.


  • Sizes up to 100,000litres, Rectangular design for smaller sizes
  • In contrast to a below-ground tank SuperVault MH retains an asset value rather than becoming a potential liability
  • 4-hour fire exposure tested
  • superior thermal efficiency minimising evaporation and degradation of fuel quality
  • emergency venting for both primary and secondary containment
  • Hose stream resistant
  • ballistics tested
  • Heavy vehicle impact tested
  • Stores may liquids including petrol, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, methanol, and other chemicals
  • 2 and 3 coat paint systems available depending on application
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Fire protected tanks


Despite the inherent risk of soil and watercourse contamination through corrosion or faulty pipework, petrol, and similar highly volatile, low flash point products have traditionally been stored below ground in the UK. Considering the associated site disruption and high costs of excavation, the problem of future decommissioning, the restricted access for fire control, and the increasingly severe penalties applicable when pollution occurs, surprisingly, this practice remains prevalent. Why? Inertia and the lack of an attractive above-ground option. Until now.....

Supervault MH - a concept new to Western Europe and offers a truly viable alternative manufactured in the UK by Ledbury
Welding & Engineering. Extensively used on both retail and commercial sites in the USA, the unique features of the SuperVault MH have
quickly won wide acceptance by environmental agencies, regulatory authorities, and firefighting professionals throughout the UK.

SuperVault MH is the first tank to pass the strict safety requirements of the US Uniform Fire Code Standards A-ll-Fl and UL2085, and the more stringent South West Research Institute Standards 95-03 and 95-01, achieving both multihazard and 4-hour fire rating, Multi-hazard rating allows the unit to be re-certified and returned to service following exposure to multiple hazards, whilst the 4-hour fire rating enables the fire crew to concentrate on tackling the source of the outbreak without immediate concerns regarding the storage stank.

At the end of this sequence, SuperVault MH remained leak-tight and the average internal temperature rise was less than 92° C. A subsequent 2-hour test at 1,090° C failed to damage the unit.

All tanks manufactured by Ledbury Welding are finished in-house, under controlled conditions. The standard SuperVault MH finish comprises shot blasting followed by a corrosion-resistant primer coat and an epoxy finish. Special finishes can be applied to further enhance protection against polluted industrial, coastal, and similar aggressive environments. Corporate colours can be closely matched and company logos applied. SuperVault MH is manufactured in capacities from 1,000 to 75,000 litres and in multi-compartment format. Where appropriate a stainless steel inner tank can be fitted.

A full range of ancillary equipment can be fitted, including offloading cargo pumps, dispensing pumps, gauges, access ladders, and security cabinets - all selected to meet LWE's exacting quality standards.